Questions and Answers


General Questions

How do I get better at henna? Practice.

How do I get faster at henna? Practice.

How did I make perfect henna paste? Practice. I say this a lot, to the point where its probably annoying but its the truth. Henna is a skill that can only be acquired through practice.

How often should I practice? As often as possible! If you are just starting out try to practice every day!

Do you ship internationally? Atlanta Henna Arts only ships within the United States of America. Henna is a perishable product and shipping internationally takes too long, your henna would not work wen it arrived. We suggest that people that live in Hawaii do not order from us. We are too far away, Kona henna ships from within Hawaii.

What is henna made out of? Henna paste is made out of henna powder (the dried and ground up leaves of the henna plant), essential oil , water and sugar. 

How do I make henna?  Here is my recipe ->

What is 'black henna'? Black henna is any henna that has chemicals in it. Sometimes people start with natural henna and add chemicals into it but sometimes they use hair dye and other household chemicals and tell people its henna. Black henna is very dangerous and has been known to cause blisters, chemical burns, permanent scaring and in a few very sad cases, death. A temporary tattoo is not worth the risk of permanent damage so always use natural henna.

How can I tell of something is black henna or natural henna? The first thing to look at is the cone. If there is writing on it that says natural henna, herbal henna, instant henna, or golecha, then that means is black henna with out a doubt. Henna artists that use natural henna make their own cones out of clear or patterned plastic. The second identifier is smell, does it smell natural or does it smell like chemicals? The third way to find out is ask, the henna artist should be able to tell you that henna is made with henna, sugar, essential oil and some liquid (water, lemon juice, tea. This is a matter of personal preference so it varies). If the henna artist names a chemical or cant tell you what is in it then walk away. Its not worth the risk!

What is 'white henna'? White henna is temporary body paint and doesn't contain any henna at all. It simply sits on top of the skin and does not stain. White henna will usually last 3-5 days depending on where you get it. 

My henna is too runny, what should I do? Add more powder. Even if the henna has already dye released adding a little bit of [powder will not affect the stain but help with your consistency.

Where can I get essential oil? sells an essential oil brand called "Now". The lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree can be used for henna paste.

I want natural henna paste but I don't live in the US, what should I do? Look online for henna artists that make their own paste in your country. The closer to you the better.

What size pin do you roll your cones with? .4 gauge quilting pins.

Where can I get cellophane? On my website! If you're looking for rolls I suggest googling around. 

Can people be allergic to natural henna? Yes, however it is very rare. People who are allergic to henna have a genetic disorder called G6PD. These people are typically aware of their condition, as they are told by doctors to stay away from medications such as Advil and Motrin. It mostly effects people of African, South Asian and Mediterranean decent.  

What is sugar sealant and how can I make it? It is something henna artists put over the henna to help it stay stuck down. The simple recipe is 2:1 ratio of sugar to lemon juice. Apply with a cotton ball or put it in a small spray bottle. 

What henna powder should I buy? It is important that the henna is 'BAQ' or Body Art Quality. This means that the henna is triple sifted and meets a minimum recommended lawsone content (lawsone is the part of henna that stains).

Customer Questions

Where in Atlanta are you located?  Midtown/ Virginia Highlands area.

What size apointment should I book if i want my feet done or a foot and a hand? You can book what ever size appointment seams correct and we can split up the time however you would like. You can text me at 404-783-3750 with any questions.

How do I store my henna? Freeze it! Henna will stay good for up to three months in the freezer. 

I put in the wrong shipping address, what should I do? If you catch this problem before your order ships simply contact me and I'll change it. If your order already shipped then there is sadly nothing I can do and I cannot offer a refund. If you would like to purchase more I will be happy to waive the shipping fee. 

I ordered one scent but I meant to order another, what should I do? Email me! As long as its before your package ships I will be able to fix it.

I ordered my henna a few days ago and I haven't received shipping information, has my package shipped? No, your package has not shipped. I ship out henna every Monday to ensure that the henna arrives as quickly as possible and doesn't get stuck in the post office over the weekend. If you order henna on a Monday it will not be shipped out until the following week.  

Can I get an order rushed? No, henna ships every Monday and Tuesday. This is to make sure the henna arrives fresh and doesn't get stuck in the post office over the weekend.

How big are your cones?

 They are all betweem 11-13 grams.