Features Overview

Alana has been doing henna for three years but has always said that private events are her favorite. Henna is a unique party favor that stays with your guests for 1-2 weeks creating a lasting memory and conversation starter. Click below to get inquire about prices! 

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Corprate events

Henna is a wonderful addition to corporate events big and small. Alana works with a small selection of professional henna artists to make sure everyone at your large events has the opportunity to be adorned.

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Birthday Partys

Whether the party is for children or adults everyone gets excited over henna! From bat mitzvahs to your fifth- 30th birthday party henna is a unique gift to your guests.  Click below to inquire about prices.

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Belly Blessings and

Baby Showers

Henna is a wonderful addition to your baby shower or belly blessing. Henna can be a fantastic gift for Mom-to-be from friends or family or for everyone attending! Click below to inquire about prices.