Policies and Faq

If you feel like an EXCEPTION should be made based on your specific CIRCUMSTANCE feel free to contact me.

Appointment and booking questions

Where in Atlanta are you located?  Midtown/ Virginia Highlands area.

What size apointment should I book if i want my feet done or a foot and a hand? You can book what ever size appointment seams correct and we can split up the time however you would like. You can TEXT me at 404-783-3750 with any questions.


Shipping, returns, and henna care questions

How do I store my henna? Freeze it! Henna will stay good for up to three months in the freezer. 

I put in the wrong shipping address, what should I do? If you catch this problem before your order ships simply contact me and I'll change it. If your order already shipped then there is sadly nothing I can do and I cannot offer a refund. If you would like to purchase more I will be happy to waive the shipping fee. 

I ordered one scent but I meant to order another, what should I do? Email me! As long as its before your package ships I will be able to fix it.

I ordered my henna a few days ago and I haven't received shipping information, has my package shipped? No, your package has not shipped. I ship out henna every Monday to ensure that the henna arrives as quickly as possible and doesn't get stuck in the post office over the weekend. If you order henna on a Monday it will not be shipped out until the following week.  

Can I get an order rushed? No, henna ships every Monday and Tuesday. This is to make sure the henna arrives fresh and doesnt get stuck in the post office over the weekend.