The Artist

Hello, im alana :) 

It all started when I was 9 years old at a festival. I was walking around with my dad when I noticed a henna artist, I had never seen it before and was instantly fascinated because the designs she was creating looked a lot like some of the drawings I had done at home. As I grew older my style became very clearly henna-like. We continued going to the festival every year and when I was 15 I bought henna from her and started making my own. I would sit and practice details for hours at a time. After a year my skills had greatly improved and I decided to start a henna account on instagram. Now, after two and a half years I have a following of 39k+, a business, and most importantly I have friends and mentors I would have never met if it weren't for this magical plant. 


My Henna

All Natral, all the time.             

When it comes to henna there are two things that are very important to me, safety and quality. The henna powder I use is triple sifted organic henna powder from Rajasthan, India. The lawsone content (lawsone is what is in the henna plant that makes it stain) is 2.8%-3.1%, which is the absolute perfect range to get a dark, beautiful, long lasting stain. 

I apply the same standards to the henna paste I make, using only high quality essential oil (either lavender or eucalyptus) and raw organic cane sugar. My products, weather its henna cones, bulk paste, or henna powder, will NEVER contain anything other then all natural ingredients.

 Mandala done on a palm at Henna Con. 

Mandala done on a palm at Henna Con.